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Van Gogh
Ancient Ceramic Art

All types of artwork are available through this unique site. We have relationships with painters of fine art, all the way through potters firing their own creations, to photographers shooting their own pictures with real film. Browse through our complete catalog and make your selections. Orders may be taken directly from our secured web site, or you may use our toll free phone number.

Each piece for sale has a unique item number consisting of a category, artist, piece number, and piece style. Each piece has a data sheet describing the artist, medium, sizes available, possible framing, date of creation, and anything else of interest to a collector. You may see the data sheet and a larger view of the piece by clicking on the thumbnail icon.

We are a member of the new Worldwide Collectors Guild, whose purpose is to provide fully traceable artworks to individuals or institutions around the globe. We have scouts traveling the world looking for unique pieces that will appeal to discerning patrons.

Some of our pieces are one-time originals, and some are mass produced reproductions. This will be clear from information on the data sheet. Prices are reflective of this consideration.

All pieces are shipped within one week and packaged securely. All work is guaranteed and returnable for full credit in the unlikely event of problems.

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